Creditors’ Rights

Tennessee Creditors Rights Attorneys

Henry & McCord offers representation of secured creditors in structuring appropriate security for debts owed to them in both real estate and non-real estate collateral. Henry & McCord also assist clients in enforcing their rights under various types of security documents through litigation, foreclosure and pursuant to security agreements relating to personal property. Henry & McCord also represents unsecured creditors in the enforcement of their rights.

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Our firm prides itself on responding to clients quickly, listening and understanding their needs and working with them to find the best solution for their unique legal issue.


Henry & McCord has served Middle Tennessee area for over 65 years, making it one of the oldest and most established firms in this area. Our firm is committed to keeping the traditions of our founders alive...these include reverence for the law, respect for the client and service to the community.


The lawyers at Henry & McCord have over 150 years of combined experience. Clients receive the benefit from our vast experience and wealth of knowledge.


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